So, can you tell me which war was the first one in history in which the soldiers wore machine made uniforms’ The American Civil War or as some call it The War Between the States.’ Whatever.

Speaking of war.General ‘ Black Jack’ Pershing won a Pulitzer Prize in 1932 for his book called My Experiences in the World War.’

One more then I’ll quit.The French automaker, Renault made the first tanks for the United States. They were first used at the battle of St. Mihiel in September of 1918. The United States didn’t make any tanks during WW1.

Shame, shame we know your can you guess who was Judge Wapner’s (The People’s Court) girlfriend in high school’ None other than Lana Turner.

Howdy Doody..(can you remember this far back’ ) had 48 freckles on his for each state in the Union at the time.long time ago..

The Hope Diamond is owned by the United States the 45 carat diamond was given to the Smithsonian Museum by Harry Winston in 1958.

Rhode Island takes in fewer tourist dollars than any other state. California takes in the most.

Did you remember that Jesse James was the first bandit to rob a train’did so in July of 1873.didn’t think you’d remember. Neither did I.

So, why won’t the telephone number 800-555-0199 ever be issued to anyone’ It’s the number that movies use in their films.

Wild Bill Hickok used to lay crumpled newspapers around his bed at night. Claimed that anyone trying to sneak up on him would be heard as they did so..Must have worked, he was shot while asleep.

Bet you didn’t know that a con man named Arthur Ferguson ‘ leased’ the White House to a wealthy cattle rancher in 1925. Terms of the ‘ lease’ was $100,000 a year. Don’t know how much he got paid. He got caught trying to sell the Statue of Liberty.

What are the 2 cities linked by the Orient Express’ Paris and Istanbul

If you were in the banana growing business, you’d refer to a bunch of bananas as a individual banana is called what’ Come on, think’ it’s called a .that’s right a finger.

Lunar Cheesecake’ ever hear of it’ Well, it was the flavor that Baskin Robbins invented to honor the US landing on the moon in July, 1969.

Coffee first appeared in cans in what year’ Came out in 1879′ made by Chase and Sanborn.

Television transmits pictures at 30 frames per second.Movies are at 24 frames per second

Frank Sinatra’s code name given to him by the Secret Service was ‘ Napoleon.

You probably knew that coconut and licorice were the 2 flavors of jellybeans most liked by Ronald Reagan

If you have a eucalyptus tree in your yard, you’d better not have a koala bear as a pet’ that’s the only food they will eat.

Don’t expect to lose any weight if all you’ re doing is typing..only burn 110 calories per hour.just 30 more per hour than if you’ re at sleep.

A healthy slug can cover 50 yards in a 24-hour that’s moving out.

Speaking of speed.know how fast microwaves can travel’ 186,282 miles per second’ the same as light.

We’ve already discussed this one, but I had to tell you.the slug has 4 noses and 3,000 really little teeth

The Hundred Years War’ it lasted how long’ This war was between England and France and lasted just over 116 years’ took place from 1337 until 1453..Why didn’t they call it the 116 Years War’ Too long, I guess.

While we’ re on war stuff. The War of the Roses.was between the House of York and the House of Lancaster.Both of these English families had a rose as part of its family crest..The war was from 1455 until 1485.

Who cleans those 600 rooms in Buckingham Palace’ Who needs 600 rooms’ Who uses 600 rooms’ For what’

So, did you ever stop to think that the only country in the Middle East without a desert was Lebanon’

Brigham Young, the Mormon leader, had 57 children’ also had 27 wives. Does that mean he had 27 mothers-in-laws’ Poor man.

Police arrested 42 men in Atlantic City in 1935.for one new crime.any idea of what it was’ Going topless while swimming.

Another desert fact..only about 20% of the Sahara Desert is actually sand’ the rest is rock and gravel’

This is weird’ Attila the Hun died of a nosebleed on his wedding night..Serves him right.

Did you know that the Queen of Sheba’s first name was Balkis’ Now you do.

The artist James Whistler’ you know the one that painted Whistler’s Mother ..what did his father do that made him famous’ Invented the railroad whistle.old George Washington Whistler did.

The symbol for Planters Peanuts is Mr. Peanut .was created by a schoolboy in 1916 as a entry in a contest’ He got $5.00 as the prize.

The first Volkswagen (1936) was designed by Ferdinand Porsche.

In 1950, if you lost a tooth’ the average amount of change the tooth fairy left was a quarter. Bet it isn’t so today.

1838.Boston becomes the first city in the country to appoint it’s own police force.

Bet you didn’t know that Albert Einstein once said.’ The hardest thing to understand in the world is the income tax.’

So if you went to the patent office and asked to see designs for Scenic railways what would you be looking for’ Roller coaster designs.So classified in 1886.

In 1900 what was America’s 2nd most favorite book’ Well, first was the Bible’ followed up by the Sears Roebuck catalog..times have changed haven’t they’

Napoleon met his at long was the battle’ Took place over 9 ‘ hours’

The United States was first interested in the Atom bomb in 1940.want to know how much they gave out in grants for research’ Little over $6,000.

The word Alamo actually means Cottonwood in Spanish’ Now you know.

Can you guess where Leonardo da Vinci was born’town called Vinci’ it’s in case you forgot.

Meriwether Lewis along with William Clark were the first Americans to cross the continental divide on August 12, 1805.