Just so you’ll know.Sir Lancelot was Sir Galahads father’ you knew that anyway..

While we’ re doing names.Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were real people.their real names were.Robert Leroy Parker and Henry Longbaugh.

Somebody gives you a pound of new dollar bills how many should you get’ Exactly 490.or so says the US Treasury.

Just where is the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art anyway’ Look for it in Humlebaek, Denmark.was started in 1958 for are dating from 1950 until present.

Verona, Italy gets about 1,000 love letters mailed to them each Valentines Day.All going to Juliet..Verona was the setting for Shakespeare’s famous Romeo and Juliet.

Speaking of Italy Florence was the first city to have all of it’s streets paved..did that in 1333. Don’t know who paid for it ‘ must have been a tax of some sort.

The Yellow River in China is the muddiest in the entire world..no you can’t swim it and I said so.

Old Benjamin Franklin used to swim in the Thames River in England..what was his favorite stroke’ The Breast Stroke..tough old guy old Ben.

If you ever need a picture to see what a 1926 Hupmobile looked like’ just look on the back of a ten dollar bill.it’s the car parked in front of the US Treasury building.

That famous gunfight.at the OK Corral.only 34 shots fired that day’ about even for each side..However the Earps were better marksmen than the Clantons..Earp’s group scored 13 hits and the Clantons only 3.

You probably already knew that Los Angeles was the first city in the United States to pass an ordinance requiring you to get a license before you could serenade a woman. Did that in 1838.

Italy comes in as the first country to produce lace’started doing so in the early 1500’s.

U Thant’ that fellow from Burma who was the secretary general of the United Nations back in the 50’s’ his name means Mr. Clean’ in English.

Can you name 3 cities in Italy whose names are now associated with color’ Magenta, Siena and Venice, as in Venetian Red.

Just in case you didn’t know.we are living in the Cenozoic Age’ this period of geology started some 65 million years ago’ give or take a few hundred thousand.

Joan of Arc’ The Maid of Orleans’ was just 19 years old when she was burned at the stake.want to read a good book about it.try Mark Twains version’ it’s a classic but not well received when it came out since he had always written humorous pieces.

Texas has the highest average of tornadoes (124) each and every year.Oklahoma comes in second with 54.

Hank Aaron once was overheard to say..’ It took me 17 years to get 3,000 hits in baseball, but only one afternoon on the golf course.’

If you’d care to know ‘ there are 56 signatures on the Declaration of Independence.

The film known as Krakatoa, East of Java’ has a major flaw in it ‘ what was it’ It’s really West of Java’ not East.title was changed for the video version.

Bet you didn’t know that Frank Lloyd Wright invented the word Carport. Wonder if he ever designed any’ Probably not.

You’ve heard of nooks and crannies..what’s the difference’ A nook is a corner while a cranny is a crack. Now you know.

If you were told someone in Australia was suffering from dingbats ..what would you think’ That they were probably a heavy drinker. Dingbats is the Aussie word for

Delirium tremens or the ‘d-T’s.

What’s a nightjar’ No, no, no, not something that used to go under the bed’ it’s a European bird.also know as a goatsucker.

Useless..the State Department’ our State Department refers to elevators as ‘vertical transportation units.’

In 1902 Animal Crackers came out on the market…they had a string handle.why was that’so, you could hang them from the Christmas tree..came out in December..

About this same time’ in 1904.St. Louis Missouri was the host of the first Olympics ever held in the United States.

The periods of play in a polo game are called ..’ chukkers ..total of 6 to a game’ each is 7 ‘ minutes long.

You’ve got 1 chance out of 4,164 of getting 4 of a kind in a game of 5-card deal poker.

Our own John Paul Jones was also an admiral in the Russian Navy. Fought with the Russians against the Turks in 1788.

A baby giraffe is just about 6 feet tall at birth..

Your big toe has 14 bones in it’same as all your other toes’ now you know.

1 Cherry St, New York City.bet you forgot that it was the site of the first Presidential mansion, didn’t you’

Calvin Coolidge has been the only President so far to have been born on the Fourth of July.

Banana Oil is made from what part of the banana’ If you said any part, you’d be wrong..it’s a chemical compound made with amyl alcohol’ just smells like bananas..used as a solvent.

In Denmark.if you wanted a Danish pastry..you better order Vienna bread..or Wienerbrod’ they don’t know what Danish pastry is.

Milton Hershey stopped making caramels and started making chocolate bars in 1903. Why did he do this’ Caramels didn’t retain the imprint of his name in the summer, but the chocolate did.

It took 36 ballots to break the deadlocked House of Representatives vote on the Presidential election of 1801 between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr.

The Red Sea gets its name from the huge amounts of dying algae that turn the blue waters red from time to time.

Name that play.’ Who’s there is the opening of what famous play’ Hamlet’ written by Shakespeare.it’s spoken by the soldier called Bernando.

Humphrey Bogart played in one horror film’ what was it ‘ The Return of Doctor X’ in 1939.

William Henry Pratt doesn’t sound too menacing does it’ Moviegoers knew him as Boris Karloff.

Speaking of names..the names of the Three Wise Men are ‘ (Drum roll goes here)

Balthazar, Caspar and Melchior.