Perhaps it’s just me and maybe I’m weird or something (don’t answer this) but it puzzles me how some people can have a job where they do nothing all day long. This would sincerely drive me mad. I like to work. I enjoy working and I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have to work. However this does not seem to be the normal for some folks.

Several years ago I had a chance to visit with a friend of mine from my old Army days in Korea. We had a nice chat, went to dinner and back to his house for coffee. During the conversation he told me that he only had ‘about seven more years to hide out before he could retire.’  My first thought was that he was an outlaw and was wanted for some terrible crime. But, nope that wasn’t the case’..he had a job as a maintenance service man for a number of government buildings and was on call for any problems that might crop up from time to time. He told me that since he had so many building to look after no one ever knew where he was at any given time, so he just stayed home and worked on his hobbies until he go a call to go and repair something. I asked him why he didn’t go to various building and look for things that needed fixing before someone called him and you would have thought I asked him something like”What kind of gasoline would you use on yourself if you wanted to set yourself on fire”

‘Why would I want to do that”he asked me. I didn’t try to explain it; I just finished my coffee and headed out to the hotel.

A couple of weeks ago, I pulled into a local McDonalds for a cup of coffee. I asked the lady at the drive in window how things were going. She told me’. ‘Terrible, I haven’t stopped since I got here’the cars just keep coming.’I noticed the next time I passed through this same location, she wasn’t there any longer. To her, the fact that ”cars just kept coming’was a bad thing. Obviously this young lady did not own the store or she would have appreciated the fact that business was good for that morning. In her mind a lot of business was a bad thing, not a good thing.  In today’s economy anyone having ‘lots of business’is certainly a good problem to have.

This past week we saw the new employment figures for last month. It seems most of the new jobs created were governmental jobs as opposed to private sector positions. In my mind this is not a good thing for this country as more government jobs do not increase the economy. Increasing the size of government reduces the amount of taxpayers contributing to our overall tax base. Government agencies are non profit entities.

All of our governmental agencies are screaming due to reduced tax revenues and a general economic malaise. I think one suggestion might be to examine what jobs are actually necessary and or which ones could be combined or eliminated altogether.

For example, all of us are concerned over the current oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. There was a report in our paper the other day about a governmental agency that monitors ‘tar balls’on the beaches. Now the spill has put these folks into overdrive, but my question is what have they done until now’They interviewed one governmental employee who said he has monitored at ‘least 55 miles of beach front for the past 15 years’and usually reported 3-4 tar ball sightings a year, mostly the size of small pebbles.

My question is surely this is not all this guy does all day long, month after month. Do we pay folks to patrol so many miles of coastline to look for tar balls year after year’I mean how long can this take in any one given day’What does this guy do the rest of the time’Does he sit in some governmental office space and wait for the phone to ring when a beachcomber sees some tar washing up on his 55 mile patrol area’ Has he really been doing this full time for 15 years’Has he got a truck with red lights and siren so he can race to the ‘tar ball’scene’I’m really curious to find out what kind of a deal this is all about.

I’m sure the people along the Gulf coast will not lack for work until this disaster has passed. I just question how efficient and productive their work has been up until now.