Letters from North America

Death to Traitors!

Regrets? I’ve had a few… part 2.

Some weeks ago, I wrote a column about the regrets we have that cannot be fixed. Maybe the person you needed to get straight with has died or something was totally out of the range of possibility. This week, I’d like to approach it from a different angle. Instead of...

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Everyone has to pull their own wagon

Someone once told me a great statement to remember: “Everyone you know or meet is fighting a battle about something of which you are unaware.” This time of the year we tend to think back upon folks who have passed in and out of our lives that we have either lost...

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Women of the world…Unite!!!!

Writing a weekly blog/column or whatever you want to call it each and every week requires one to be on the constant lookout for new materials at all times. If this were a humor column, I would have to find something to poke fun at each and every week. But this what is...

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A Call to Arms….

A couple of days ago, on a Facebook post made by a friend of mine, some lady somewhere was discussing the Supreme Court debate over the baker who refused to bake a wedding cake for a same sex couple. Needless to say, I weighed in and was denounced almost immediately...

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I love Canada, this time of the year—do you?

I like Canada, it’s beautiful, clean, great air, good people all around. So why don’t we just hop in our cars and drive over across the border in a few days and vote in their upcoming national election on September 20th? I mean there shouldn’t be any problem with...

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Who Knew About This?

While we are all watching the events that are taking place in Afghanistan on an hour-by-hour basis, I found several items of interest to share. Putting aside the catastrophe that is currently taking place, I was somewhat amazed to find where a lot (a large lot) of...

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