Letters from North America

Death to Traitors!

Oh, glasses….oh, glasses…wherefore are thou?

One of the most difficult things about growing in maturity (not older) is the fading of our memories, eyesight, hearing and many other parts of our bodies that seem to have just decided they are too tired to continue. Take our glasses for instance. We come in from the...

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It is what it is

Am I the only one or has this happened to you as well? You are trying to get somewhere on time, you are late, but you can make it if the lights allow it and the traffic smooths out. But, no…it will never happen since you will hit every red light on your way to your...

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All Our Heroes have warts

Time magazine came out with an article this week on the ‘Myth surrounding the Alamo’. According to them, there was no line drawn in the sand by Col. Travis, Davey Crockett was executed and many others tried to flee the battle. Obviously, this is directly opposite to...

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Regrets? I’ve had a few

I choose to define a ‘regret ‘as something you wish you had done or not done, that is impossible to fix today or in the future. One of my biggest ones was the afternoon my ex-wife called me. We were moving our house from the country back to Houston. I was in the...

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Who wants to be happy?

The dictionary defines being happy as: feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. So how do we get that feeling into our lives? Is it more and more money or bigger toys and a larger house or houses? Is it traveling around the world for months on end? Or is it just...

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Daily Dirt on Dirty Diapers

As I have told you before, I’m forever looking for new things to write about in these weekly blogs of mine. I tend to get started on one thing or another and that moves me in a different direction altogether. So this past week, our oldest granddaughter had another...

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