Letters from North America

Death to Traitors!

I love Canada, this time of the year—do you?

I like Canada, it’s beautiful, clean, great air, good people all around. So why don’t we just hop in our cars and drive over across the border in a few days and vote in their upcoming national election on September 20th? I mean there shouldn’t be any problem with...

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Who Knew About This?

While we are all watching the events that are taking place in Afghanistan on an hour-by-hour basis, I found several items of interest to share. Putting aside the catastrophe that is currently taking place, I was somewhat amazed to find where a lot (a large lot) of...

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Reeding + Righting = 0

I know, I know I promised I would steer clear of politics while writing this weekly blog, but I just can’t help myself. You can’t make stuff like this up. Here is the latest out of the state of Oregon: “For the next five years, an Oregon high school diploma will be no...

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Simple? Maybe not

My first car was a 1931 Chevrolet that I bought for $75. This was in about 1958 or so. It was a very uncomplicated vehicle. You started it, shifted gears, pressed on the gas and off you went. You kept an eye on the fuel gauge and the temperature indicator to make...

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My remote is remote

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I seem to recall that moving into the age of electronics was supposed to make our lives easier, not harder. Anyone besides me remember that? Well, here we are some decades later and I can’t seem to get any warm fuzzy feelings about any of...

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Oh, glasses….oh, glasses…wherefore are thou?

One of the most difficult things about growing in maturity (not older) is the fading of our memories, eyesight, hearing and many other parts of our bodies that seem to have just decided they are too tired to continue. Take our glasses for instance. We come in from the...

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