We live in a nice neighborhood, and we have an app that gives us information about what is going on around our various subdivisions. It’s kind of a ‘community bulletin board’ type of thing. It’s a good thing to learn about lost dogs or bad or good contractors working around us on various projects.

But I have noticed that lately we are getting posts from people who seem to be afraid of everything. They post about someone ringing their doorbell. But they don’t go to the door to see who it is or what they might want or need. They just post their photos from their doorbell cameras and see everyone as a serial killer or an axe murderer.

What would have happened when we had Fuller Brush salesmen?

Last night some lady was all bent out of shape because two teenaged girls were in her side yard (not fenced) looking for someone’s lost shoe. She called the police and wanted them to be arrested. By the time the cops showed up they were gone. My question is how did she know they were looking for a ‘lost shoe’ without talking to them and did she consider trying to help them or see what they might need before alerting the entire neighborhood over two teenagers looking for something?

A couple of weeks ago a fellow posted a ‘horrific’ video of kid bouncing a basketball down the sidewalk and when he came to this guy’s driveway, he actually dunked a shot into their net.  You would have thought this trespass was justification for a trial and a hanging. The kid was a youngster bouncing a ball and saw a rim and he took a shot. That’s what kids do. Big deal….did he steal anything? Did he break anything? Nope, he shot a basket in someone’s driveway, I’m sure that is grounds for life without parole.

Maybe I’m weird, but I view life as a cornucopia of opportunities to be enjoyed and savored each and every day. I like meeting new people; I like talking to new people and hearing about their lives. It is like picking a new kind of piece of fruit from that basket.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating that we open our doors to each and every person at 1AM in the morning. But ask yourself how comfortable are you in your neighborhood. Are you afraid of your neighbors? Do you even know your neighbors?

We have an awesome bread machine. Had it for years. Makes horrible noises but I like it. It makes good bread.  Lot of times I feel like baking something and make a few loaves and pass them around to our neighbors. They are always having some issue or another. There is always drama in our neighborhood. Someone is dying, getting married, having a baby, in the hospital, needs a job or you name it and it’s happening here. Life is going on around us all of the time. As it is at your house and neighborhood.

We know that everyone who lives around us does not think exactly as we do. Some are different religions, some are liberal, some are conservative, some are non-committal. Some are married, some are not. Trust me, it’s the same where you live as well.

And I thank God it is that way. How boring would it be if everyone thought or acted or believed the same way that you did or the way I did? I want differing opinions; I want different viewpoints. Who would want to eat the same food day after day? If you go to someplace to visit either here in this country or a foreign country, do you still eat at McDonalds? I hope not.

I hope you enjoy the space around you and take it all in and marvel at the very essence of our humanity.

This is an awesome world, open up your eyes, your heart and your thoughts to those around you by being a sharing, kind and concerned neighbor.

I don’t want to be remembered as the “Scrooge of an old man, who lived in that house on the corner.”

Do you?

I didn’t think so.