So, here we are, the day after Election Day 2020. The election is OVER!!

And who won? Well, if you are thinking I’m going to yell and scream for one of the two in the race for the presidency of this country, you are very wrong.

I do not know if you are elated or disgusted and really don’t care, nor should you about how I feel.

The fact of the matter is that the United States of America is still alive and viable, even after an election of this magnitude. Everyone got to say their piece and share their feeling with whoever happened to be around to listen. We exercised our constitutional right to express our opinion on how this country should be governed. Not a lot of places on this old world will let the general population do that, is there?

While all of us will easily admit that our system of government can be improved, it is still the best one at this time in the world. We can always fix things, if we sit down and talk and discuss our positions in a rational and civil manner.

I have no idea how many people read my weekly word groupings but I would venture to say that each and everyone of you (including me) could choose to be a victim of something, in one fashion or another.

If we wanted to do so.

I am overweight and don’t exercise enough (big surprise there) so whose fault it this? The folks that sell me the food or the fact that the gym requires me to actually go there after I join? Poor pitiful me. Those weights require me to lift them up and down a number of times in order to achieve some improvement. I am shocked. I bet you are as well. Maybe not.

NASA won’t hire me because I am not an engineer and the hospitals all want me to have gone to medical school before I can operate on one of their patients.

This is just so unfair, isn’t it?

So how did we get off on the rabbit trail and what does this have to do with yesterday’s election?

Simple….did you vote?

You didn’t? Then how do you think you have a right to complain about anything? Especially who got elected.

I have the freedom to choose to eat healthy or not. I can choose to become a couch potato or get up and do something. I can also choose to make a positive difference in someone’s (anyone) life everyday if I so choose. That’s the amazing part about this country.

You and I cannot do one thing about what happened in this country 200 years ago. We weren’t here.

But we are here now. There is nothing we can do about the election that was just held yesterday. The people of this nation voted and the choice as to who got elected was made. You may have won or lost, the same as me.

But what we now have is the opportunity to play our part in moving forward and accepting the results. I would suggest that those of you reading my blogs or whatever they are called, have very little major influence upon the direction the nation is being steered at this time.

Now, what we do have control over are our own actions.

We can help in any number of ways, can’t we?

We’ve voted, that’s over and done.

What next?

Well, how about we start the day off with a resolution to be in a good mood and smile? I know that’s hard to see behind our masks, but you can tell if someone is smiling by their eyes, can’t you?

Call someone, even someone you don’t particularly care for and check up on them. See what they need or how you can help.

Volunteer to help with something, your church, your civic organization, a school or some charity that needs someone just to read to old folks or kids.

Turn off the television, quit living your life through some production of one sort or another. Do you really need to watch re-runs of Perry Mason or The Twilight Zone? I don’t think so.

Call up your kids or parents. We could all use a virtual hug about now, couldn’t we?

If you haven’t done so, throw away all of that campaign mail you have gotten over the past six months. You don’t need it and you won’t ever go back and read it.

Move on, the country is rolling again. In some form or fashion…we will survive in spite of ourselves.

Be a part of the solution, not part of the problem.

As always, thank me if you like this column, go somewhere else if you don’t. I’m too old to worry about it…..till next week…Peary