Lose weight and get rich

I don’t know about you folks, but it certainly seems to me that each day that passes I get more and more junk mail. Now, my sons, who are much younger, seem to get a pass on the tons of medical stuff we receive at our house each and every day. I’m certain there is some giant clearing house somewhere that knows our exact ages and has done an exhaustive study on when certain of our parts are destined to wear out.

I am sick of receiving these eight and ten page magazines that start off telling you the name of some ‘miracle’ herb or ‘simple home remedy’ that will cure warts, acid reflux, baldness and heart attacks. You start to read this information only to find they have conveniently left off the names of these wonder products. You have to subscribe to some expensive ‘medical newsletter’ of the month club in order to get all of the information. I just throw them away without even looking at them anymore. The same as I used to do with those magazine sweepstakes offers that were going around years ago. How many useless magazines did we buy, hoping that our name would be the lucky winner of that ten million dollar prize’ I still get a monthly magazine on golf and I’ve played the game about five times in my entire life. It goes in the trash as well. Who has time to read all of that stuff’

It appears that the latest way to get me to open a letter is to enclose some sort of little stickers or notepad. I am up to my ears in these things. I have address stickers for Valentines, Memorial Day, July Fourth, Labor Day and certainly Christmas and Thanksgiving. The notepads you can give away, but not the address stickers with little flags, puppies and flowers and your name. No one but me can use them. Nobody could possibly send out this many letters in a year. Haven’t these people heard of e-mail’

As always, I’ve been thinking about a home mail out that is certain to get the attention of every living breathing American in this country. What you need is the right combination of get rich quick combined with a weight loss product.

I am going to call my new book….”Peary Perry’s Guide to Riches and Miracle Diet Plan”.

What I envision is a sure fire plan to work at home and become fabulously wealthy in ninety days while losing fifty pounds as well. The way I see it, if just a small fraction of the overweight and broke people in this country buy my book then I should be set for life. Imagine the kind of testimonials I could have with before and after photos. You always see those guys who are on the infomercials sitting on their Rolls using a cell phone to call their broker or pilot. I could do the same and show what my clients looked like and how they were living before using my plan. Of course, I’d have to do some research and come up with some actual examples of ways that people could get rich in ninety days. I’ll have to work on that part of it. I’d thought about just listing that as a chapter entitled “Save your money” but that might not work for most people in that short of a period of time. It might be a little too simple. I’ll need more details if this is destined to be a best seller.

The diet part is the easiest since there are hundreds of methods to lose weight. First you have to lead into the major causes of being overweight, which I have researched and can tell you from personal experience is caused mostly by just one factor.

We eat too much.

My remedy for that is to cut down on the number of calories we are taking in on a daily basis. People who don’t eat much, weigh less.

Secondly, I’d have to give the reader some advice on what kind of exercise they need to be performing in order to lose weight. Here again, from my experience it boils down to one thing, which is simply, get off the couch and do something, anything. Walking, hiking, fishing, bowling, baseball, riding a bicycle, swimming, wash the car, I don’t care. Just so you’re moving and burning some of those calories you are storing form those cookies and cakes you ate over the holidays.

The third section of this highly informative book would be some simple hints at what not to do. These would include suggestions such as, don’t spend all of your money; don’t buy things you don’t need. Be frugal. Baking cookies is not considered exercise. Eating a cupcake while playing tennis is not good for you as well. Watching an exercise video will not build muscle.

I can see how this could prove to be a very lucrative venture if done properly and could lead to some additional sequels.

Perhaps my second version could be along the lines of “Sell Real Estate in your spare time while losing fat and gaining muscle.”

It might work; let me know if you have any suggestions.