Dear. Mr. President:

Let me start off by saying that it is beyond me why anyone would want your job. You are living in a rent house for the next four years and you are giving up your peace and tranquility for probably the rest of your life. Might I suggest that you look at the photos of past presidents taken at the beginning of their terms and compare them to what they looked like when they left office. I can tell you this much, they didn’t get any younger.

I’d be willing to bet that the black hair you now have will be streaked with gray before the next four years has passed. It isn’t an easy job, but then I guess you have thought about this. I certainly hope so.

I hear you are trying to quit smoking. Good luck with that. I’d also bet you don’t. From what I’ve seen of this job you are fixing to take upon yourself, the daily stress and strain would drive most anyone to smoking or drinking or maybe both. About the only one that seems to have escaped was Harry Truman, but then he had his mother-in-law living in the White House to keep him on track. Seems like I heard yours was moving in as well. Perhaps she can help keep you away from any harmful habits.

Now that you have become the leader of the free world, I wonder if you will ever have second thoughts about what you have done’ For instance, I guess you know that you will never make everyone happy at the same time. Lincoln had something to say about that as well.

I also hope you have thick skin and can take lots of criticism, since it is going to come your way in a short period of time. Right now the media loves you and waits with anticipation on every word that comes out of your mouth. Enjoy this time. It won’t last long.

Very soon the reality of running the worlds largest economy will set in and I suspect you will have many sleepless nights asking yourself why you signed on for this job in the first place. As capable as you are, the country is entirely too big for you to run by yourself. Therefore you must have help in all areas of your administration. Obviously you don’t know all these people so you rely upon the recommendations of others who are trying to help you as well. Trust me; some of these people will fail you. These people will let you down and guess where the blame will be laid’ At your front door.

Don’t believe me’ Go back and look at history and see for yourself. Every administration has had a couple of glitches which were committed by those who had been appointed to serve. It has never failed before and it won’t during your administration either. Get prepared for someone (or multiple someone’s) to drop the ball and drop you in the grease. If you don’t believe me, ask George W. Bush, he knows first hand of what I speak.

Time will tell what your legacy will and should be. I truthfully believe all persons seeking political office do so with the best of intentions. But as they say, ‘ Hell is paved with good intentions.’ While I do think our system of government is the best on the entire planet, I do feel that the very nature of politicians requires you to compromise in order to achieve any meaningful results. So, what you promised on the campaign trail and what actually get accomplished in the next four years depends a great deal on the level of your personal resolve.

No one, including me, wishes to see you fail. We would be stupid to do so. We want you to do great things. We want you to lead all of us, not just some of us. We want you to make our economy grow and protect us from those who would harm us. In short we want the best for all of our citizens and certainly our children and grandchildren.

Not a small order is it’ But, you applied for the job and now you’ve got it. Go out there and make us proud of our nation. Forty three others have been in your place before you. Some have failed and others have succeeded.

How history will remember you’ will be your choice, not mine.

Good luck.