Currently there is a commercial running on television that shows how this country has become dependent upon foreign oil to keep us going. The man behind the scene advocates us using more natural gas as well as wind power. He goes on to show how our dependence has grown over the past thirty or forty years.

I’ m getting various statistics ranging from 60% to 70% of all of our oil is imported from other countries. The records show that we imported 24% in 1970.

The statistics run all over the map. It’s hard to know which one is correct.

I do know whatever the number is, it’s entirely too much.

I well remember the oil embargo of the early seventies. It wasn’t pretty. Long lines, frustrated motorists’ lots of businesses failed. We should have learned our lesson then.

But we didn’t.

No, we just kept on driving as if the oil would never stop flowing. And it’s going to kill us if we don’t fix it. The politicians all talk about something called an ‘ energy policy. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen or heard of one. I cannot think of any presidential administration that has publicly announced that This is our energy policy .

We’ve all heard words bantered around by various politicians over these past thirty or forty years, but nothing with any amount of substance. Certainly nothing that would indicate our desire to wean ourselves off of imported oil, especially from countries that do not like us.

I’ve said this many times that I truthfully believe that there are probably ten or fifteen people in the entire world who have the ability to control the economic destiny of our country. I believe that’s the number of oil ministers in different countries who can make decisions as to how much oil we receive and what it will cost us.

Think about this. The Ford Model ‘ T’ got better gas mileage than most of the cars and trucks on the road today. Until a few years ago, we had been the world leaders of the automotive industry, why haven’t we been requiring better fuel efficiencies all these years since Henry Ford first made automobiles available to the general public’

The oil companies support the Republican party and the auto industry supports the Democratic party. How can the ordinary folks come out ahead’ Only in the past year or so has the term Fuel efficient’ even been mentioned in automobile sales and advertising. Notice the ads on television this evening.some tell you that you can get four hundred miles on one tank of gas. Of course they fail to tell you how big the gas tank is. Four hundred miles on ten gallons is one thing and quite another on a tank holding thirty gallons.

Why haven’t we as a nation been exploring alternate sources of energy all of these years’ The wind farm and solar energy people bounce from pillar to post when their tax credits get reduced or expire altogether. Who wants to be in a business where you aren’t sure if you can pay for the project and are at the whim of a fickle congress’ Why haven’t we been promoting better and more efficient energy sources as the years wore on and our oil imports were rising’ It appears to me that someone was asleep at the switch.

It doesn’t take a Rhodes Scholar to see that our nation runs on energy and if that energy disappears or is priced out of our reach our entire economy will collapse. When I was in Europe a few weeks ago, I paid about $165 to fill up a rent car. When someone says to me’ well, then four dollar a gallon gas isn’t so bad.I tell them the reason the Europeans pay so much is because they don’t have any oil of their own.

We do.

The current hype of the day is to force the oil companies to drill on land they already have leased. That’s wonderful in theory, but who wants to sink fifteen or twenty million bucks (or more) into a lease that can’t produce enough to make it worthwhile’ Meanwhile we have proven resources in areas throughout our nation where it is economically feasible to drill.

Why have bans on drilling off the coast of Florida, when the Chinese are punching holes in the ocean like crazy’ If we are so concerned over the possibility of an environmental disaster, which country do you think is more progressive when it comes to the environment.China or the United States’

In case you don’t know the answer to this one, watch the news today about what the air looks like at the upcoming Olympics.

There are a lot of people out here a lot smarter than I am, but when the solution to something as important as the need for a firm energy policy is obvious to all of us, shouldn’t the people we elect be able to see the same thing’

Or is this wishful thinking’