When I was in the army many years ago, we spent a lot of time trying to teach young soldiers how to perform close order drills. You could always count that one of the members of your platoon would be out of step. I can tell you that more than one once I heard one of my men tell me … “I’m not out of step….all of you are….”

Well, as Yogi Berra used to say… “It’s deja vu all over again”. This morning on one of the Sunday talk shows, Congressman Barney Frank was being asked why the American public had lost confidence in the United States Congress in view of all of the recent issues with tax cheats, lobby violations and other issues. Congressman Frank was quick to point out that “We didn’t just parachute in here, the voters sent us to Washington and (basically) it’s their fault for not holding us to a higher standard.”

Say What’

I don’t seem to recall single campaign advertisement in which some political wannabe makes a statement that he or she is going to steal, cheat or lie about their efforts once they reach public office. In fact, most of the advertisements I’ve seen say just the opposite.

Openness, transparency, tough, frankness, honesty, integrity and leadership seem to be the most used words before anyone get elected. Now, what Representative Frank is saying is that it’s our fault, the voters because we didn’t tell our congressmen and women that we actually expected them to be honest and keep their word as they promised when they were running for their offices. I admit I am a bit lax when it comes to my part on giving instructions to my United States Senators or my Representatives. I suppose I should have sent them a letter (certified) telling them I expected them to follow the same rules we, the lowly citizens, are expected to follow. Don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t steal, pay your taxes and be fair to those who sent you up there in the first place. Silly old me, I didn’t realize they didn’t know that we expected them to live under the same rules that all of us in the so called ‘hinterlands’ have to abide by. My bad.

You can look to the office of the President and see backtracking and waffling starting to happen on a daily basis. You’ll see it on his daily press conference. I don’t think FDR had as many ‘press’ opportunities back in the 1940’s and we were in a world war. I seem to recall President Obama saying BE (that’s before election) the first thing he was going to do was bring the troops home from Iraq. The last I heard he had changed his story and now we aren’t certain exactly when or if that will occur. No lobbyists in his administration’That’s a joke; he’s having to issuing ‘waivers’ to the ones he’s brought on board. Change’Most of the heads of his administration are carryovers from the days of Bill Clinton. That’s real progress for you.

Look at the current pork; excuse me, stimulus bill that is being voted on this week…..how much of this money is going to special interest groups and to the relatives of those voting on the bill’Nothing suspicious about Congressman Dave Obey (D-Wis) voting and approving about two billion (Billion) dollars for the parks department when his son (Craig Obey) is a lobbyist for the National Parks Conservation Association. Nope, they probably never talked about it or discussed it over Sunday dinners. Wouldn’t be proper.

Neither was the action Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi took a year or so ago, when she voted to exempt the island of American Samoa from the minimum wage increase. This makes American Samoa the only U.S. territory not subject to federal minimum-wage laws. Of course the fact that Star-Kist Tuna employs about 75% of the islands workers probably doesn’t fit into the equation. Oh, yes I forgot to mention that Star-Kist is owned by the Del Monte Corporation, whose main headquarters is where’In San Francisco of all places. Mrs. Pelosi’s home district. Just a coincidence…. I’m sure.

If you believe that, then call me right away, I have some beachfront property for sale in Nevada you might want to know about.

Time doesn’t allow me to go on, but you get my drift. What we are in for is a daily assault on our intelligence by our elected officials. They think they are smart and we are dumb. We must be, we sent them there in the first place according to Rep. Frank.

They might be correct; it mi