This past Sunday at our church…..we watched a clip of a Jon Stewart television show. On this segment Mr. Stewart’s guest was Bill Maher. Trying to describe what the show was about is very difficult to say the least, but I’ll try.

Apparently Mr. Maher thinks it’s funny to try and explain how God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit can be three persons, yet one. He launches into this dialog with a three way conversation and attempts to show how confusing the Trinity might be.

To say that it was in poor taste and not funny is an understatement.

In my opinion it was sickening to watch not only Mr. Maher and Mr. Steward crack up at the expense of Christianity, but the audience was equally vocal.

Shame on them all.

I tried to contact Comedy Central, the network responsible for the production of this program without any success. They only take e-mail comments and refuse to take anything by mail (small wonder) or give out their phone number or address. I wonder why’

I wonder if they would consider making a mockery or parody of some other religion such as Islam. I doubt it. Look what happened when someone drew a cartoon of Mohammad, I don’t think that furor has died down even as of yet, and this happened over a year ago.

But with Christians, it seems to be fair game. Anything goes. The Comedy Central channel has a new program coming up this fall which is described this way:

Comedy Central has an animated show in development.

It centers around Jesus (Yes, the Son of God) “trying to live as a regular guy in New York City and wanting to escape the shadow of his ‘powerful but apathetic father.'”

Apparently, Comedy Central doesn’t fear for the safety of its employees by going forward with JC. The network obviously doesn’t expect serious death threats. After all, the show is about Jesus, not Mohammed.

Isn’t that nice’Let’s make fun of one religion, but hands off, heaven forbid doing so with any other. No hypocrisy here… is there’

I don’t care if you choose to believe that a tree or a rock is God. That’s your right and even if I disagree with you, I will not disrespect your belief, no matter how strange or different it is from my own. Making fun of someone’s religious beliefs is not funny to me and I would suspect not funny to most of us.

But Comedy Central apparently doesn’t feel this way. They consider the Christian religion as fair game. If I had been in the audience at this time, I would have gotten up and left. Perhaps some of the participants did but we’d never know.

The people who perpetrate and condone this kind of behavior do so for one purpose and one purpose only.


They believe that what they say is unassailable and cannot be open for criticism, certainly not by any of us who believe in Christianity. I do not have any suggestions on where to go for a list of sponsors for this channel. I don’t intend to watch any part of this channel just to see who is advertising. I have looked at their website and they have no information there as well. I suppose just writing this and getting it out may accomplish the same results in that some of you might find out who the advertisers happen to be.

Anyway, here we are……help spread this information and then let your conscience be your guide if you are a regular fan of this channel.

Somehow I don’t think God is amused.