So you thought Pintail ducks were fast because they flew at 65 MPH’ Well, how about the Spine-tailed swift’ It clocks in at just over 106 MPH. Does it matter if they fly in a school zone’

The song “True Love” from the 1956 movie called “High Society” sold over a million copies. That made Princess Grace (Kelly) of Monaco the only Princess to ever achieved win a gold record for this achievement.

We all know that collecting stamps is the most popular hobby in the world.

In the afternoon on Mars, the temperature ranges around a comfortable 80 degrees. You’d better have a jacket later on though, since it drops to a minus 190 degrees once the sun goes down.

Pharaoh (during the time of Moses) was the first person to have a birthday party according to Genesis 40:20 in the Bible.

John Sevier was the only governor of the State of Franklin prior to 1796. What’ You’ve never heard of Franklin’that’s what Tennessee was called before it formally became a state.

Just so you’ll know there were about 5,000 folks present at the time Lincoln gave his Gettysburg Address on November 19, 1863.

The word ‘Supersede is the only word that ends in sede.

Toronto, Canada was known as York in 1793. The British Lieutenant Governor had named it.

Bet you didn’t know that the caffeine that gets taken out of coffee to make it decaf doesn’t just get thrown down the drain. Nope, most of it gets sold to soft drink makers to put some juice in their colas. So, why do we pay more for decaf when it actually costs the coffee companies less’ Good question.

I can’t recall anyone ever talking to me about a ranarium. That’s frog farm in case you didn’t know.

Sources tell me that if you are attacked by killer bees you should do the following: Run, don’t stand still (this seems pretty simple) get indoors as fast as you can. If you are outside then run through weeds or bushes to help give you some cover. Don’t jump into water or a pool since the bees will most likely be waiting for you when you come up for air.

The only known whaling ship to be sunk by a sperm whale was the Essex in 1820. The ship went down on November 20th after being rammed by the giant whale.

Ty Cobb still holds the record for stealing home. He did it 46 times in his 22-year career.

Here’s something to think about: Entropy in thermodynamics, a parameter representing the state of disorder of a system at the atomic, ionic or molecular level: the greater the disorder, the higher the entropy. Thus the fast moving disordered molecules of water vapor have a higher entropy than those of a more ordered liquid water, which in turn has more entropy than the molecules in solid crystalline ice. We were all wondering about that just the other day, weren’t we’

New Hampshire was the only New England State that was not invaded by the British during the Revolutionary War.

Just so you’ll know…over 1,000,000,000 people speak Mandarin Chinese.

Only 129,000,000 speak French.

Robert Todd Lincoln, Abe’s son, refused to attend state affairs and
functions. He had been to them before and had witnessed the assassinations of three Presidents. His father, President Garfield and President McKinley.

The inspiration for “The Three Musketeers” was a company of bodyguards for King Louis XIII in 1622. They were originally issued muskets; thus the word musketeers, but the muskets were too heavy and unreliable to use, so they reverted back to using swords. Most of these musketeers were from ages 17 to 20 years old and came from aristocratic families.

Cats have three types of hair: primary, awn and secondary. It’s the primary hair (also called guard hairs) that stick to your clothing. That’s because they have tiny barbs at their tips. Now you know.

The reason birds don’t tip over when they go to sleep on a wire is simple. Nature provided them with tendons that lock their claws when their weight is applied. The perfect vice grips, sort of.

The heat in chili peppers is measured in Scoville Units. Perfected by a Wilbur Scoville in 1912. Jalapenos weigh in at a measly 2,500 to 5,000 units. Compare this to the Habanero at 100,000 to 350,000. And you wondered why you hurt so badly, now you know.

Ever heard of Ribbon Falls’ It’s our highest waterfall located in Yosemite National Park. FYI the falls drop from 1612 feet.

Turnpike: you know those roads that you might have to pay to travel upon’ Well, the word originally came from the fact that the first toll collectors were armed with pikes. If you refused to pay, you might get poked with the pike. In any event you wouldn’t be allowed to get on the road. Same deal today.

Next time you want to complain about the lack of rain, think about the people who live in Tidikelt, over in the Sahara Desert. They once went 10 years without any raindrops falling on anyone’s head.

You knew that Thomas Jefferson invented the dumbwaiter.

You might have guessed that taxicabs first appeared on the streets of New York in gasoline powered automobiles with meters, but in what year was this’ 1907, hard to believe.

Is there such a thing as a Tasmanian Devil sure is. Lives in, of all places Tasmania, off the coast of Australia. They’re about 31 inches long. Look somewhat like a small bear. Gets its name from its nasty temper. I think I’ve met some of them.

The phrase “to go scot free” doesn’t have anything to do with Scotland. In the old days in England, a ‘scot’was the word used for a payment of some sort. Thus if you went ‘scot free’it meant you didn’t have to pay.

If you are thinking about becoming a hydroplane driver you might want to reconsider. They have the highest mortality rate of any occupation besides being an astronaut. 25 out of every 1000 hydroplane drivers are killed. Risky business.

Rin Tin Tin, the famous dog of the movies, was found in a foxhole during World War 1.

Grandma Moses took up painting because her hands and fingers got to be too stiff to embroidery. This was a smart move.

Speaking of women, the first woman to ever win the Pulitzer prize for fiction was Edith Wharton in 1921 for her novel.” The Age of Innocence.”

Did you realize that the vocabulary of the average American consists of about 10,000 words’ We need to improve on that.

Ants are like humans in a couple of ways. They stretch when they first wake up and yawn before getting started to work. I wonder if they stand around drinking coffee’ Just kidding.

David Ben-Gurion was not a native of Israel. He was born in Poland in 1886. As you recall he became Israel’s first Prime Minister in 1948. Likewise Golda Meir was born in Russia in 1898, raised in the US and then became Israel’s fifth Prime Minister in 1969.

If you’re looking for something to do tonight, go outside and count the stars. It’s said that with the naked eye we can only see about 2,500 at a time.

Women wearing buttons in Florence in the 1400’s were subject to being arrested. My question is why’speaking of a long time ago, in medieval Japan, you had to get a tooth pulled, you went to a dentist. He did it with his fingers. Ouch.

It has never been proven that Hitler ever hung any wallpaper.