Just so you’ll know..the elephant is the only mammal that can’t jump’ oh, yes and did I mention that they are also the only mammals with four knees’

Julius Caesar was so concerned over the traffic congestion in Rome that he was forced to ban all wheeled vehicles from driving through the city during daylight. Some of our cities could use his kind of thinking today.wouldn’t you agree’

While I’ve got you to thinking about old Julius. At one time he was trying to increase the population of Rome. Among other things, he offered rewards to those having lots of children. But the real clincher was the fact that childless women couldn’t ride anywhere, they had to walk.and..and here’s the big one’ they were prohibited from wearing jewelry.

Sometimes we forget that the rich and famous weren’t always so Dustin Hoffman, that award-winning actor’ well, he once got fired as a waiter at a restaurant called Ridleys in New York. Seems he ate six steaks in one afternoon. Doesn’t say if he had anything else to go with them.

In seventeenth century America, the average wife had thirteen children. She would have been welcome in Rome .

Just so you’ll know.the following are the colors that make up the rainbow red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. In that order. Check it out.

Things I know you lay awake at night thinking about do cats have belly buttons Yes, yes they do, but they’ re hard to see because they are almost always covered with hair. They look like a long scar just under the rib cage. All mammals except the duckbilled platypus and the spiny anteater have belly buttons because they all had umbilical cords.

According to my information’ it’s still illegal to shoot any game other than a whale from a moving automobile in the state of Tennessee. Why’

If you think you have a dog that’s overweight’ listen to this one. The heaviest one on record that I’ve been able to find was a 310-pound St. Bernard.

So how did they make root beer’ Well, it used to be made partially from various oils, birch, ginger, anise, lemon oil and then mixed with the root of the sassafras tree. That’s where the ‘ root’ came from. Nowadays it’s made from the sap of a desert yucca bush. The Native Americans used to use this same sap for soap. Tasty.

We get the word ‘ eavesdropper’ from Old Saxon times in England. Seems you couldn’t build your house right up against the property line. You had to leave room for the rainwater to drip from the eaves. This space was called the ‘ eaves drip. Naturally a person that placed himself in the ‘ eaves drip’ to be able to overhear something became known as an eavesdropper. Makes sense to me.

The coldest place in the United States’ Well, that’d be International Falls, Minnesota. They have an average, get that .average mean temperature of only 36.8 degrees year around. I don’t know if anyone lives there. The coldest inhabited place in the world is located at Norislk, Russia. Stays a brisk 12.4 degrees average year around. Don’t look for me there anytime soon.

If you had leprosy (Hansen’s disease) the only American hospital that could treat you is located in Carville. Louisiana.

Franklin Pierce, the nations 14th President. Seems he has been the only President we’ve had thus far that served his entire term without changing any member of his original cabinet. I wonder if this was a good or bad thing’

The Second Continental Congress established the first United Sates Navy in October 1775. It was disbanded after the Revolutionary War. The present day United States Navy was established on April 30th of 1798.

There is a higher voter turnout for any election among the age group of 55-64 year olds. Seems something like 71 % of this age bracket vote on a regular basis. The lowest (34.2%) was among those 18 and 19 years old.

From our ..’ How Times have Changed’department. A lady named Annette Kellerman was arrested in 1909 in Boston and charged with indecent exposure. Her crime’ Well, she wore a bathing suit that was shortened almost to her shoulders and the trousers ended two inches above the knees. Caused quite a scandal.

I find this hard to believe. It’s reported that you’d have to eat 11 pounds of potatoes to gain 1 pound of weight. Not in my body anyway. My sources say that a potato has no more calories than an apple. Potatoes were once thought to cause your lifespan to be shorter and to be the primary cause of leprosy and syphilis. Obviously these folks didn’t have French Fries.

There is reportedly one atom for each 88 gallons of space in our universe. My question is how do they measure space in gallons’

The old cowboy movies and stories tell us that ‘ the six gun won the West. Well, wasn’t so. The Western movement became reality when the windmill, steel plow and barbwire came into everyday use. That and the advent of curtains in the old homestead.

Next time you run out of something to do. Go out and find a millipede. Count its legs. They are supposed to have an average of 750. Look close.

In case you’ve ever wondered identical twins don’t have the same fingerprints.

Along that same note..it takes an unborn fetus three months to form fingerprints.

Never thought about this, but the strawberry is the only fruit to grow its seeds on the outside.

The Beatles only recorded one song that came from a Broadway musical. It was ‘ Till There Was You’ from the musical..’ The Music Man. Recorded in 1964. Was included in their first album called Meet the Beatles.

The reason we call a cab a taxi’ is simply because the first ones were equipped with a taximeter. This was a device used to measure the fare or the ‘ tax’ that was due for the ride. Cabs used to paint the word ‘ Taximeter’ on the sides of their vehicles’ this, over time, go shortened to just plain old ‘ taxi.

I’ll bet you didn’t know that we use champagne to christen ships instead of blood. Well, they did when they first started doing this ritual in the South Seas and by the Vikings. Seems they believed that the blood of their enemies would protect them against future harm if splashed on the prow of their vessel. Over time, they switched to wine and then eventually to champagne.

While I’ m on the subject of the sea. Pirates believed that wearing earrings improved their eyesight. Now, this idea was laughed out for years, but recent investigation into acupuncture now leads some to believe that the point on the ear lobe where the ear was pierced corresponds to the same auricular point controlling the eyes. Maybe they had something there’

Basil Rathbone played in over 15 Sherlock Holmes movies. Another fellow named George Treville played the role in 9 films as well. I’d never heard of him. Small wonder, he did these in 1912 and 1913. Haven’t ever seen those on late night television, have you’

Talk about names that fit..The Wild West show performer known as Calamity Jane. Her real name was Martha Jane Canary. Eleven of her twelve husbands met with untimely deaths.

Here’s one to think about. Do hummingbirds have hollow tongues’ Nope, sure don’t. They have a tongue called a bifid that can be rolled into a tube to allow them to gather nectar.

Next time you are frustrated standing in line to get stamps’ you might want to call upon Saint Gabriel. In case you forgot, he’s the patron Saint of Postal Services.

I like word origins. Here’s one for you to think about. Giving someone the ‘ Cold Shoulder. Where’d that come from’ Well, it was used to try and discourage an uninvited dinner guest from intruding again. The host or hostess would serve the unwelcome person a cold piece of leftover meat such as the cold shoulder of lamb and then walk away according to some the hostess would expose a bare shoulder as well, along with a look of disdain.

Some people have more problems than I do’ for instance, there was a Greek General named<   Hajianestis. He was famous for leading the Army in the 1921 war against Turkey. Well, seems like he often was afraid to get out of bed as he thought his legs were too brittle that they would collapse. Sometimes he imagined his legs were made of glass or sugar. Often he would pretend to be dead and not respond to anyone trying to awaken him. Wasn’t any big surprise that he was untimely relieved of his duties.

Next time you throw that piece of plastic out to the window’ consider this: It’s estimated that a plastic container may take as long as 50,000 years to decompose.

The Incas didn’t consider themselves married until they exchanged sandals after the ceremony.

That oil the jewelers use to lubricate clocks and watches. ‘ Costs about $3,000 a gallon.

Largest city in North America at this time is .Mexico City with a population of over 19,000,000. Don’t want to be on the freeways at rush hour in this place, do we’

Bone China is called that simply because it is mixed with powdered animal bone to give it better strength and whiteness.<

How about the origin of this custom’ We all clink our glasses when drinking a toast. Why’ I’ve heard several versions before, but this one says that it was usual in older days to share your wine or whatever with the person pouring. This was to insure that he or she wasn’t giving you the one with the poison. To show that you trusted the host or hostess you simply clinked your glass without sharing the liquid. What if you were wrong’

Here’s looking at you.Go to Panama and you’ll find that the Indian women in the San Blas region think that large noses are very attractive and things of great beauty. To make them appear longer they paint black lines down the center of their noses. Their leaders must have huge noses, as this is mark of greatness.

I find this strange’ In this country you couldn’t use a dime for any transaction over $10.00 before 1933. Congress had to pass a law that year making the dime legal for any and all monetary transactions. What was their reason in the first place’

President Woodrow Wilson made Mothers day a national holiday in 1914. It came about due to the efforts of a Mrs. Anna Jarvis from West Virginia. She started pushing for the holiday to celebrate motherhood in 1907. Ended up speaking to churches, social groups of every sort. Finally the idea caught on and you know the rest.

Might be of interest to you to know that in 1610 a bridge was built in Lima, Peru. So what you might ask’ Well, instead of water for the mortar, they used the whites of 10,000 eggs. Still standing after all these years. Called the Bridge of Eggs. For good reason.

I don’t have any suggestions on what you should do if you see a tidal wave headed toward you. On open seas their speeds can sometimes hit 500 or more miles per hour. I can’t swim or run that fast and doubt if you can either.

The word curfew comes from the French word.couvre feu.which means put out the fire.’so, that’s what you did ‘ you put out the fire and went to bed..

What made the 1886 World Series so unusual was the fact that they had 63 errors.