Letters from North America


Someone once told me a long time ago to keep on doing things as long as they were fun.

Yesterday on my way back home from another 400 mile business trip I was racking my brain trying to think of something I could write about for this week. I was at a loss until I got home and read that the publication that first ran my column back in 1985 (Madisonville, Texas) had decided to cease using my efforts. They helped me to make up my mind. Thus this is my last ‘Letters From North America’ column. It has stopped being fun.

Their notice of cancellation was a blessing; since I had come to the conclusion myself that the time to cease this effort has arrived. I have written over 1300 columns over the past 25 years and have finally run out of things to say to you. I have had over 95 different publications around the country who use my stuff from time to time, some every week and some once or twice a month. When I started I had to fax a copy to each paper that was on my list. Now with the internet, you just write one column and press a few buttons and there it goes. It’s certainly much simpler than it was 25 years ago.

However, trying to be witty or comment on some subject which I think you might find interesting has become progressively more difficult each and every week. I don’t think I have repeated myself more than 10 or 15 times, but the burden of actually writing 750 words and being original after all these years is more that I can do at this moment.

I hope that I have kept you amused and entertained over these years. I find that I have kept you up to date with stories about my wife, my children, my dogs….you have listened to me rant and rave about the government (gubmint) the United States Post Office (one of my favorites)…the birth of children and the deaths of friends and family. You have read about my surgeries, various crazy business opportunities as well as holidays, weddings and traffic. I have posted articles from Germany, France, England, Italy, Austria, Holland, Mexico as well as all parts of the United States. You have heard me discuss airlines, airplane travelers, good and bad food as well as all kinds of electronic devices that I own or refuse to own.

Most of all you have read my observations on the weirdness of the human race. I have probably written more articles about the differences between men and woman than I have on any other subject. It still fascinates me on how the sexes can perceive things so differently.

For some reason I have always thought the newspapers wanted these articles on Tuesday, so that’s the day I have submitted them. I don’t think this is the best date for their schedule, but once I got that into my head I became a creature of habit and start trying to put something together that makes sense over the weekend. The past few years have not been easy. Several times I have thought about chucking the whole thing and caving in, but then one of you would write me a note and tell me what a great job I did on some subject and how it touched your heart, so I would gut it up and keep on going. There was no such note this week.

I can always look at the printed copy and see where I had a new fresh idea that I was excited about. I have not been to do this for sometime. What started off as a hobby and a pleasure has turned into a chore and a burden, probably for both of us.

My passion is now writing about politics which you can see on my website (www.pearyperry.com) under the heading of ‘A Nation Of Fools’. I do not run out of things to comment upon since everyday brings me a new opportunity to discuss.

So for those of you who have hung in there with me over this quarter century, I give you my thanks. I hope I amused you, made you laugh a little, cry at some points in time and let you see the world from my side of the fence.

I leave you with one of my favorite sayings:

Work like you don’t need the money

Love like you’ve never been hurt

Dance like no one is watching.

I plan on continuing to dance, just not with this effort, you take care and I appreciate the time you have spent with me...

Comments got to www.pearyperry.com. Complaints go nowhere.

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