Letters from North America

Death to Traitors!

Voice Mail, Taxes, Politics, Television & Diets

Sometimes the thought occurs to me that perhaps I've already died and have been living in Hell. As much as I'd like to think this is not true, I am still forced to concede to the following which I'm sure you'll agree cause us so much grief, we might think we are in...

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Voice Mail

The agonies of voice mail...   So, this being the week before Christmas, I should write something snappy and dealing with the holidays and all that stuff.   Instead, I'd like to use this time to make my annual plea and whine about the agonies of voice mail. In the old...

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I don't know about you, but by the time my giddy up gets up and gone, I' m worn out and ready to head for the barn. It seems to me that each and every day gets shorter and shorter and I have more and more to accomplish. I envy people who seem to have extra time on...

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Vacation Home

Last week the editor of our local paper wrote an article about his experiences with a vacation home and a boat.   I am always amazed to learn that others of my age have had almost the same experiences as I have. I don't know what to call this, maturity or stupidity,...

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Uninsured Motorists

Let's see.the word .illegal, what was the meaning of that word again' Oh, yes.as I recall it means something is against the law. I think the key word here is ' against. This means the opposite of for the law' it's against the law'seems like it should be very clear....

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Two Weeks Ago

Two weeks ago, when the election was over, I was in Germany and have to tell you what I read and heard hacked me off. No, it was not the outcome of the election that made me mad, even though my candidate didn't get elected; I was fine with the voice of the people....

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