Letters from North America

Death to Traitors!

Where to Start

Where to start' I have no clue since there is so much to write about. So, I suppose the best way to start is to just jump in and let go. Let's see'how about this one'suppose you are a substitute teacher in a small town. You aren't very computer literate and even need...

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What is Happening

Oh, happy days.for a few moments there I thought that I'd have to invent something to write about this week' Never fear though, here comes the morning news and I have fresh meat to start off the day. You can always count on the old government to give you something to...

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What Happened Part 3

What Happened to America (Part Three) I know I promised I would write something positive for the holidays and trust me, I will. I just had to finish out this series. Before Christmas I'll get one out that is more on the upbeat. But, first I have to tell you about...

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What Happened

I trust your holiday was joyful. Now that you've had your fill of pie and cakes and have drifted off into a sugar high state of mind, I' m going to bring you back into the world of reality. No, I' m not going to talk about the upcoming holiday season and all of the...

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Went Wrong

Makes me wonder... Sometimes, it just seems to me that I must be out of step with the rest of the world. You know, you can’t really tell how other people live since you don’t live with them. Does that make any sense' Not really, but I hope you can figure out where I’m...

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Most of the time, I sit before this computer...   Most of the time, I sit before this computer week after week and wrack my feeble little brain to try and come up with something to entertain you, make you chuckle or give you some food for thought.   Over the past...

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