Letters from North America

Death to Traitors!

You Call that News

I may have to start writing two columns a week instead of my usual one. There is just so much to discuss. Here I was situated to write about the craziness going on with our border patrol agents and had done some research on several events when what happened' The world...

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Work It Work Out

Each year millions upon millions of us, like lemmings, venture into today's version of the torture chamber, more commonly referred to as ' The gym. Or for the more genteel, the spa, the club, the health club or in some cases.. my workout place.' No matter how you name...

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Women Understand

Women, women I just can't understand Here’s another ‘So… how come' ’ for you. So how come when babies are born, the way men describe them is entirely different from women' As I’ve mentioned the past few weeks, our oldest son and his wife were expecting their first...

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Greetings for Wives They've got just about every thing you might need except just some plain old "Thanks for being married to me and putting up with my ... personality" type of greeting cards A couple of years ago, I wrote an article about all of the trouble you had...

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Winter Olympics

But, like my infamous diet plans, those resolutions seem to die and fade away shortly after the games begin. I never have watched the opening ceremonies, so I suppose that is one consolation or another. I must be true to myself.   The events this year has been...

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Who Can Afford

I' m certain there are a huge number of people in this wonderful country of ours that are much smarter than me. We have lots of folks who have PHD's and have studied economics as well as finance, chaos theory and many other concepts to help explain our method of...

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